Where do Your Donations Go?


Friends of Chappell appreciates and values each donation, which we put directly back into the school, whether it's educational programming, improved infrastructure, or community-building events. At the start of the academic year, Friends of Chappell meets with the principal to identify projects and programs that are not covered by the school's budget. The FOC board then votes on which donations to make to the school. In its consideration, the board takes into account the following:

  • How many students the donation will impact;
  • Whether the project or program will have a long-term effect; and
  • Whether it enhances the overall schooling experience for students.

Thanks to the generosity of families, community members, and businesses, Friends of Chappell has been able to support the projects listed below.

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2016-17 Snapshot of Successes


A sincere thank you for your support.

Our Projects

Student Assemblies


"Honest Abe" was a Cultural Arts Assembly in celebration of Presidents Day. It was produced by Face to Face Productions and sponsored by Friends of Chappell.  FOC sponsors approximately four school-wide assemblies each school year.

Garden and Programming


Friends of Chappell secures grants and other funding to support the school gardens as well as the Gardeneers Program, which provides outdoor education including nutrition, community, and environmental stewardship.

Stage Drapery Upgrade


A new curtain will be installed to divide the stage in half. This will help make the stage become much more versatile during concerts and performances. We are also raising funds for new audio equipment.

Field Day Treats


After running through the circuits at Field Day, the students are treated to popsicles, cold water, and healthy snacks courtesy of Friends of Chappell.

School Administrative Expenses


Each year, FOC contributes funds to help cover the back-to-school mailing for families, including paper and postage. Laminating supplies are also donated.

Have an idea for a project?


Contact FOC to discuss your idea. We'd love to hear from you.

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